Land Transfer Tax (Calculator)

Legal Fees

Ex. Of a Durham Region Real Estate Lawyer (within the Durham Region $1429.45 HST included, Outside of the Durham Region $1559.40 HST included)

(Includes all fees, disbursements, cost of title insurance, reparation and registration of Deed, Preparation and registration of one Mortgage). Quoted cost from local Real Estate Lawyer's Office just as an example.

Home Inspection:
Home inspections range in price depending on size, type of property and type of inspection. Expect to pay anywhere from $375 and above depending on your home inspector.

Unless included in your Real Estate Lawyers fee there will be other costs which the lawyer will have to pay on your behalf, i.e. registration fees, photocopies etc. will cost approximately $150.00 and up.

Statement of Adjustments:
Buyer and Seller are responsible for their share of taxes, fuel & utilities. This is calculated by the lawyer based on the Seller's payments that have already been paid for that Month / Year

Home Insurance:
Home Insurance varies from one insurance company to another. Contact your local broker for rates.

Moving Costs:
Moving Costs in the the Durham Region will vary based on several factors such as distance of move, size of the home and amount of hours you will require the movers and trucks. There is usually a daily truck rental fee on top of the cost for the movers.

Mortgage Application:
Processing Fee – Approximately $150.00 (Not always applicable)

Mortgage Appraisal:
Approximately $150.00 (CMHC fee includes processing fee & appraisal fee - $235.00)
(Not always applicable)

If the seller should not provide you with one in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale a new survey will cost you approximately $750.00 and up. This is not always applicable unless the buyer wishes to have one.

Hook Up Costs:
Hydro, Gas, Cable/Internet etc. varies upon individual circumstance.

**These figures are all approximations and vary in each individual circumstance. The figures are used to give a general outline of the costs associated with Buying a property in the Durham Region.**

***A general Rule of Thumb is to plan to pay between 1.5-2% of the total cost of the home in Buyer Closing Costs, and if you have money remaining it is a nice treat to put toward furnishing you new house***

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